Behind the Wire

By: Colin Crowe

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It may look as though this evacuee is having a great time working in the fields due to his smile, though he is not actually enjoying himself at all. This is American propaganda, staged to make it look as though that the prisoners were being fairly treated and having a nice time. The American Government put out pictures like this to assure their citizens and the rest of the world that the Japanese people were not being mistreated what so ever though that was not the case.

From Lisa Gordon's Impounded (Page 28)

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Sadly this is the harsh reality, the 'relocation centers' were not really as they seemed, they were more prison like than anything else. From the prisoners expression it seems as though the camps were rather depressing and that many prisoners had lost their hope. This can be seen through his stare off into the distance, he is wishing for a way out and wishing that he did not have to be there. The barbed wire only adds more to the mistreatment and reality of the camps, the inmates were treated as less than human, as if they were animals. In the background we can see two armed guards. From this it can be assumed that the camps were under tight security, giving prisoners no freedom at all which instilled fear and worry into them. Due to all these factors this man is sad and depressed because of something that he had nothing to do with which makes the circumstances even worse.

Greatest Mysteries of WWII: Inside the Japanese Internment Camps (Documentary Tube-