Michel Jackson had a meeting on 9-11 but over slept.

In The Beginning

In the beginning there were only some plazas and some roads in the place two grand towers would stand. Those two towers were the well known Twin Towers also known as the World Trade Center (WTC). The WTC opened on April 4-1976 which became known as the the most mammoth office/shopping/bank building in the globe.It had a hight of one hundred ten stores tall. (Quite tall I would say.)

Crash and Burn

There were multiple problems during 9-11. One problem is the immense amount of paper. Plus there was to much traffic running for their lives.

A huge nono for the guards at the airport is the hijackers said that wrapped knifes and daggers were sandwiches. Once the hijackers were on the plane it was a piece of cake. Turn to target and CABLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tower one fell at 10:45 am. but tower two fell at 4;47pm. (Why? Why did you attack innocent people? Why???!!!)


Something I found funny about 9-11 is that millions of people didn't know they were under attack! Another funny fact was that the owners of the WTC had a meeting on 9-11 to discuss what to do in the middle of a terrorist attack but was resculpted to September 10 :). Something that was shocking is that a 15 year old boy hijacked a one person plane and flew it into the side of a small office building from being inspired. Sadly he was the only one that died :( . Something that was helpful is that the KenyanMail tribe donated 14 of their best cows to the USA. Something that would all over the news is that Family Guys creator had a ticket on 9-11 but came 10 min. late. Looking back on 9-11 was a sad day.

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