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A perspective on Catholic Schools~

A friend of mine posted this on social media recently. With so much great insight, I asked him if I could share with our WCS community. His children's names have been abbreviated for their privacy. Enjoy!

People often ask us what it's like having kids at two different high schools, or three different schools, or how (or why!) we allow our kids to choose different schools when it would be so much easier to just send everyone to the same place.

We're always happy to answer but #catholicschoolsweek seems like a great time to say it publicly: We're really fortunate to have a selection of great Catholic schools, and particularly fantastic and differentiated high schools, to choose from in Milwaukee.

Having great options makes it easy to take advantage of all the choices.

We believe in our kids' individuality. My wife is an educator and this is a big thing for her, and I'm right there with her on this point. A few minutes' extra driving is always worth it if it helps one of our children become the best version of themselves.

MARQUETTE High was C's top choice from the first open house he attended, and it's clearly been the right place for a studious, academically-minded kid to grow and find similar boys to build friendships with. I don't think he'd be thriving quite like he has at any other school in the area. Their college counseling team is incredible and worth every penny.

B started down C's path but for so many reasons, that wasn't for him. More than anyone else, he taught us that one size does not fit all. PIUS XI is justly renowned on a national level for its visual and performing arts offerings, and he has jumped into these with both feet, but at the same time it's a place where he can still take an AP course-load, compete in sports, and develop his leadership skills without having to fit in anyone else's box.

A is bound for ST. THOMAS MORE in the fall and it's not because of family history, although that sure adds some great color to his story. Smaller class sizes and more personal focus in their honors classes are a great fit for his learning style, and the family atmosphere there isn't just marketing. He already has a boatload of friends in his incoming class and among the older athletes there, not to mention a whole bunch of adults who already care about him. He can't wait to start.

Of course we still love ST. MARY'S and the caring teachers who put so much effort into kids like P and D. Those two continue to learn and grow while taking advantage of things like the Band program (unique in local private schools), academic rigor, and a grounding in our faith that really sets it apart.

People think private schools are all wealth and privilege. We've certainly run into some of that, and believe me, it's irritating and obnoxious and something I've learned to walk away from... but also a very, very small part of the experience our kids have. Most of these schools operate on a very tight budget. When I walk down the halls of our Catholic schools, I see far more sweat equity than private equity. More and more kids receive financial aid, state-based or otherwise, just to pay tuition. The teachers work for a fraction of what their public school counterparts earn and often wear multiple hats.

Why? Because they believe in what they're doing-- and why they're doing it. We believe too. Faith is a pretty powerful motivator.

I'm glad to have all our kids in Catholic schools. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Saturday, February 4th Basketball games

Boys’ 8th grade- 1:00pm @ St. Mary Visitation

Boys’ 7th grade- 12:15pm @ Tosa Catholic

Boys’ 6th gr; white- 11:15am @ Tosa Catholic

Boys’ 6th gr; gold- 10:15 @ Tosa Catholic

Girls' 6th gr; blue- 10:15 @ St. Gabriel

Boys’ 5th gr; blue- 8:15 @ Tosa Catholic

Boys’ 5th gr; gold- 9:15 @ Tosa Catholic

Girls' 5th grade- 2:00pm @ St. Joseph Wauwatosa

Opportunity for Families~

Join us for a Lourdes Prayer Experience!

Date: Sunday, February 5th

Time: 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Location: St. Bernard Church

In 1858, Mary appeared 18 times to a young girl in Lourdes, France. The grotto and spring where she appeared became a place of prayer, healing and
miracles. Today, over 6 million people visit Lourdes annually and continue to experience God’s goodness and Mary’s motherly intercession. But, since we can’t bring you to Lourdes, we’re bringing Lourdes to you!

  • Learn about St. Bernadette
  • Hear stories of documented miracles & healings
  • Touch the rock from the grotto
  • Receive your own Holy Water from the spring
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • Candlelight Rosary

This interactive prayer experience is open to all ages and is great for families! For more information, contact Sarah Daszczuk at (414) 258-2604.

February Parent/Teacher conferences

The conferences set for Feb. 9th from 3:30 - 7:00pm are optional but I would encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher if you

  • know your student is struggling academically
  • see your student is unmotivated and/or exhibiting inappropriate behavior
  • need to discuss multiple absences that may be impacting learning
  • recently joined our school
  • have any other concern you would like to discuss

so that you and your child's teacher can schedule a conference.

This would be an ideal situation to review not only grades but STAR parent reports as well.

We look forward to seeing you on the 9th if needed.

Books for kids~

Wow! The 4th grade's Book Drive for Next Door Milwaukee brought in 547 books for infants to 5 year olds, way surpassing their goal of 350 books. Well done everyone!

Did you know...?

Starting in 3rd grade, every student has a Chromebook to use at school and can be checked out to take home. Students have an email address and can communicate with their teacher, post their work, and stay connected to homework, thanks to their Chromebooks.

Alumna in the spotlight

Recently, I received a letter from Leanne Giese, President of Dominican High School, congratulating our alumna Ella Holtey. Ella was awarded the Knights in Shining Armor Award for her outstanding effort and improvement in a specific academic department. Congrats Ella!

From the Archdiocese of Milw. 2021-22 Impact Report:

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New this year- McTeacher's Night!

How fun is this!?! Your WCS staff is volunteering to work a shift at McDonald's to raise funds for our school. Please mark your calendars to have dinner at our event. Your kids are going to realize they have the coolest teachers ever and you will be the coolest parents ever by taking them to McDonald's for dinner (or stop by for desert).
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Auction (April 29th, 2023) news~

Get your LUCKY DRAW tickets before it's too late!

The grand prize for "The Lucky Draw" is free WCS tuition for one child for the 2023/24 school year- the gift that keeps on giving.

Tickets will be sold at the Valentine's Day Pancake Breakfast on Feb. 12th in the St. Pius X cafeteria. Additionally, the Lucky Draw tickets can be purchased from Ms. Kathy in the school office. One ticket costs $50 and only 300 tickets will be sold. The drawing will take place on Feb. 22, 2023 @ 2:45 pm at WCS.

February is Black History Month~

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Our students' Black History work will be showcased at the public library!

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Monday is International Day~

Wednesday is celebrating government leaders~

Thursday- 8th grade wins over the Teacher/Staff Team in Volleyball!

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Friday is Celebrating your vocation day~

6th grade dress for their careers~

WCS in the Catholic Stewardship video~

The Arch put together a lovely video this year. What's even better is that St. Bernard church and our students appear at minute 2:18 and later at 4:07! The video is scheduled to play at masses this weekend.
Catholic Stewardship Appeal 2023 - Let's Light This World to Heaven

St. Pius Parish E-Newsletter

St. Bernard Parish E-Newsletter

What a wonderful Catholic Schools' Week!

As you can see from the photos, our Catholic Schools' Week was full of fun and learning! Thank you to the many WCS parents and friends who came in to talk with our students about their countries of origin or careers. The more exposure our students have to differing perspectives, the more their minds and hearts open.

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And sometimes you lose your front tooth on PJ Day!

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