Timberview Trees

By: Tyler Shockley (Johnnie,Tanner, and Nef suck!!)


Growth rate- 2ft a year

Full height- 60 to 80ft

Climate best- Dry

Region- Southern

Life span- 100 years

Leaves- Sinlg leaf grown on each node twig. Each 30in long and 10in wide. Green and Yellow.

Produce- flowers and fruit

Reproduction- Seeds(red,very big)

Growing- Plenty of water,sunlight, and right soil.

Aninals depending on it- Birds,Squirrels,and Insects.

Limiting Factors- Amount of sunlight,water,soil, and weather.

Parasites- Wasps,Mites, and Lady Beetle Larve.

Abiotic Factors- Sunlight,water, and correct soil.

Long term effects- lives for over 100 years and Produces more trees.

Short term effects- seeds and flowers.

Possible Adaptations- Drought.

Live Oak

Growth Rate- 24 to 30in a year.

Full height- 40 to 80ft.

Climate- Sunny,warm,and humid.

Region- Southern.

Life Span-200 years.

Leaves- Green all year around,simple,narrow,long oval,slightly round.

Growing- sandy,clayish soil. Full sun, Partial shade, drought and flood tolerant.

Produce- Small flowers, blue and acorns.

Limiting Factors- Amount of soil,water,sunlight, and weather.

Parasites- Mold attacking the sap. Oak worms eat leaves. Xyella fastidious kills branches. Tophrina Fungus loses leaves.

Abiotic Factors- Cattle, Gophers, Squirrels, And Deer.

Long term- Live up to 200 years, and make more.

Short term- Flowers and seeds.

Organisms depending on it- Squirrel, Birds, And Insects.

Possible Adaptations- Drought.

Texas Red Oak

Growth-24 to 30in

Full- 75ft

Best grown in- spring, warm, moist, and dry.

RegioN- Central Texas

Age- 100+ years

Leaves- Margini,Lobed, Eliptic, Pinnate

Color- green/yellow

Reproduction- Acorns

Human Roll- Full sun, water, and correct soil/weather

Produce- fruit

Organisms dependent- squirrels, insects, and birds

Parasites- insects and spiders

Adaptations- Drought and heat

Abiotic Factors- sun and water

Long term- live over100 years

short term- acorns and fruit

Eastern White Ceader

Growth- 15m

height- 25m

Region- Boreal

Planting- sunny, lots of water

Produce- flowers and coned seeds

Abiotic Factors- Attract Hares, deer and birds.

Short- flowers and seeds

long term- live 100+ years

leaves- shorts, needles, green all year.

Organisms depending- squirrels, birds.

Parasites- leafeater ant