by: alex wagner

The Story

A young prince deemed "the most beautiful young man of troy" named Ganymede was tending his father's sheep on mount Ida. Zeus noticed him and took on the shape of a giant eagle and carried Ganymede back to Mount Olympus in his talons to be his personal cup bearer. Eventually, Ganymede becomes fed up with Zeus' treatment of him and pours out all of the wine and water of the gods. The water fell to earth and caused immense flooding that overtook the world. Zeus' realizes he hasn't been too fair to Ganymede and made him immortal as the Aquarius Constellation.


The Aquarius constellation is located in the 4th quadrant of the southern hemisphere and is the 10th largest constellation. It is located in an are nicknamed "The Sea" due to an abundance of water related constellations. The constellation depicts Ganymede pouring water from the mouth of the Southern Fish. The Aquarius Constellation is actually quite difficult to see as it is quite faint, but is most easily seen during a northern hemisphere autumn or a southern hemisphere spring. So basically in early October and early November.

Modern Connection

We are soon to enter or have recently entered the age of Aquarius. The age of Aquarius begins when the sun meets the spring equinox in front of the Aquarius Constellation. It is currently in Pisces, so we are in the age of Pisces. Thanks to the musical "Hair" from the 60s and its leading song "Aquarius," the age of Aquarius is associated with harmony movements such as the hippie and New Age movement.