Boot Camp Tips

What to focus on now.

Getting a Great Turnout!

One of the biggest questions I've had in talking with you all is "What if no one shows up?" While I can't promise you 20 guests, I can offer some tips to do everything you can to ensure that you get the most possible engagement for your event.

Here are a few things to keep in mind this week while you are spreading the word about your upcoming event:

  1. Don't Rely on Facebook - Printed invites work the best for getting people on board for your party. Facebook is too full of invite requests and can be pretty impersonal. If possible, print & hand deliver (or mail if you have time) an invite or flyer to everyone you can.
  2. Remember your Neighbors - You may not know them well, but they could be a great customer for you. Even if they aren't, you should still be courteous and give them a heads up that there may be more cars around or activity than usual during your event. They will appreciate the advance notice and it's a great, non-pushy, way to hand them a flyer and invite them to stop by.
  3. Continue to Promote - even if someone says "Yes" you still want to continue to follow-up and get them excited about the event. During the week you can let them know about any fun recipes you are trying out for your party and other things you are working on to build momentum. You should also send text reminders to everyone 24 hours before that say "Can't Wait to see you Tomorrow"
  4. Bring a Friend - Offer an incentive to your guests who bring a friend to your event. This could be a small token for the guest & their friend ($5 or less) or extra entries into the raffle for the $25 off $75 raffle code. Promote this all week to your guests.

I'm sorry to see you go!

If I haven't received your homework by today this will be my last email to you. I would love to continue on with all of you but it's important that I stick to a schedule to be able to accommodate everyone who is waiting to move on to the next steps.

I'm excited to have had your interest in this project and look forward to working with you at a later time that works better for you. You can always reach out to your MM/DMM too for personalized mentoring on your business.

If you have completed all three steps of the homework and have not heard from me for a call appointment, please reply and let me know. I should have already gotten to each of you - hopefully didn't miss anyone.