Beautella's Fashion Show

This fashion show is based on weddings.

Beautella Fashion Show

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a fashion show that is based on weddings. It is based on weddings because weddings bring out the natural beauty of a women and their innocence.

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Saturday, Nov. 29th, 9pm

51st Bloomingdale Street

The fashion show is from 9 in the morning to 12 in the afternoon. We advise you to buy your entrance passes online @
We hope to see you there.


9-9:30pm - Opening Ceremony where models will introduce themselves and tell a bit about themselves.
9:30-10pm- The Pakistani Bridal Walk- where the Pakistani wedding culture is shown.
10-10:30pm- The Greek Bridal Walk- where the Greek wedding culture is shown.
10:30-11pm- The Western Bridal Walk- where the Western wedding culture is shown.
11-11:30pm- The Arab Bridal Walk- where the Arab wedding culture is shown.
11:30-12pm- The African Bridal Walk- where the African wedding culture is shown.
Note: There will be refreshments passed out when requested.