Bailey's Poems

extremely brainless


It tastes like teriaki a giant prize for Yatzee

( I know this dosent make any sence)

if you never tried teriaki get over there like a runaway nazi.

( Agian i know this don't make sence)

Heavens And The Earth-Personification

The Stars stare at dreams.

The Moutian looks endlsly high.

The Sun guides the day.

Church-Simile and Metaphor

Sunday morning freash air the Sun is as high as an Eagle.

go to Church and start Praying standing sitting and kneeling every Sunday.

praying for why you can be in Heaven one day.


Happy hoping Joe.

Was always hoping around.

Then he got tired.

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Sunday Snakes-allieration

Seven slithery snakes.

Slurped slushies.

At Sunday supper.

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Billy boat- couplet

There was an old man who lived in a boat.

He had a pet goat.

If he didn't wear a coat the goat would get a soar throat.

The Billy goat ate the remote but was nice enough to leave the man a note.

Smelly Jelly-limerick

There was a old Dog who was very smelly.

His favorite thing to eat was penut butter and jelly.

He ran to his bowl.

To make himself full.

So he didn't have to kitsen to his belly.