Pancreatic Cancer

Created By: Bailey Herrera

Why We Should Care

Pancreatic cancer is one of the toughest diseases not only to fight, but to diagnose. Unfortunately, Pancreatic cancer is the most deadly form of cancer once it has been contracted. This year alone 46,420 people in the U.S alone will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 39,590 will die from this disease. This disease is one of the only cancers whose mortality rates have not been improved within the last 40 years. Though it has one of the lowest rates for being diagnosed out of all world cancers, it is the 4th leading cause of cancer related deaths throughout the world.

Unfortunate Facts

  • Only six percent of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will survive more than 5 years. Within the first year alone, 74 percent of patients will die after being diagnosed.
  • Pancreatic cancer is one of the least treatable cancers, with only 20 percent of patients being able to be operated on to remove the tumor.
  • There are no detection tools to actually detect the disease early when it is operable
  • Last year only 1.8 percent of the NCI's cancer research 5.8 billion dollars went to pancreatic cancer research. Doctors say that this money is still not enough for full research.

What Will Be the Benefit of Our Help

  • In the long run much has come out of cancer research. For many types of diseases we have been able to treat and successfully cure people who have found themselves in the unfortunate grasp of this disease. With our help we can find a cure for pancreatic cancer which could be the gateway for people with other hard to detect and cure cancers. Many of these diseases are cured and treated the same way.
  • With our help we could put an end to all cancer. Typically, if doctors can solve harder diseases then they can solve the more minor branches. This has been proved over and over with doctors using the original Polio cure and expanding on it to cure the more minor known diseases. We could successfully put an end to cancer as we know it.

What Should We Do?

We should start giving money to research foundations right away. The more money we give, the more money the researchers have to spend on research. While giving money we could hold awareness fundraisers for the families battling this disease. The more news we spread about our cause, the more people will know how they could help others and how much others could benefit. We should start telling others about symptoms that doctors say could be an early sign of this type of cancer. The more people know and have, the more people will benefit.