Hostesses WANTED!!!

No Experience Necessary!!

YOU Have Already Earned Something For FREEEEEEEE!!!!

I am contacting YOU because at one point you filled out a drawing slip for me that said you were interested in have some type of party!!! Well, If you're still up for earning FREE Scentsy with a party, so am I!

Below I have listed the different types of parties to help you make a better decision on what best suits you!

...And Just for booking a party and holding it you will receive a FREE Nightlight Warmer of your choice on top of your host rewards from me!!! So what do you say? Choose which option below works for you!


That is what FACEBOOK is for!! everyone has time for Facebook!! What a fun way to get your friends together and YOU don't even have to clean (Or put a bra on!!!) and did I mention that you will earn FREE products just like at "Home" party!!! YEP, see the Host Rewards Chart below!!!

Party On The Go!!!

One of my most favorite parties that I often pair with a Facebook or Home party is the party on the go or as we call them "Basket" Parties! This is great to mail to a host who lives far away or to someone who is always on the go!!

Are you a soccer mom or a really busy person? Then this party is for YOU!! You'll get to take some products and testers in a bag or basket whatever suits your style! This way people still get to see what some of the products look like and can touch feel and smell the products as well!!

If they can smell it, YOU will sell it!! This party is for you!

Home Party!!!

This is by far my favorite party! You get to open up your lovely home to your friends and family! This party is Very hands on! You get to really see a lot of the products, test them out and smell everything!!!

We have a blast and your guests are sure to win something fun at one of the fun party games we will play!!! Of course just like all the others this party type is free for you and you get all the benefits from it!!

If you're ready to earn some awesome host rewards and have a great time with your biggest supporters around you, then this option is for you!!


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What About Fundraising?

Click the button below to receive more information on fundraising with Scentsy!!
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Want to get a great deal on Scentsy all the time?

If you love Scentsy as much as I do!! JOIN!!! You never know if you're good at something until you start! Everyone has the initial fear to fail but with our Scentsy Family we give you all the necessary tools for you to succeed! We are not just the next Direct Selling company. We are a family and you'll see that shortly after joining us!!!

We just launched the newest Summer Incentive and that means if you Join from now until July 31st you're eligible to win!! What would you choose? Technology or a Trip??

Technology or Free Trips??

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