Boy Attemps Murder!!

Old Lady Nearly Dies from Mouse Stunt!

Boy Attemped Murder!

Roald Dahl has been convicted of attempted murder after pulling off a stunt with a mouse in a gob-stopper jar. At approximately at 4:30pm after their day of school, they found a mouse under a floor board at their school. They were looking under a floor board because they would hide their candy treats and other valuable things that they found or had owned and wanted to show off to each other.

Roald Dahl would his house and go to school at about 8:00am Monday to Friday and would get to school at 9:00am seven and a half hours later, after his day of school at 4:30pm he and four friends would walk home and bypass a candy shop which Mrs. Pratchett owned. The five boys didn't like Mrs. Pratchett very much so they stared to make a plan, a plan that would hopefully get a new owner so every day they want their they would have nicer candy shop owner.

mouse in the jar that he found under the floor board, that afternoon at 5:00 he planted the dead mouse in a jar of gob-stoppers, at approximately 6:00pm half an hour before the candy shop closed, when Mrs. Pratchett was getting a gob-stopper for a customer she saw the dead mouse, she dropped the jar and it smashed everywhere, the gob-stoppers were flying around the shop, bits of glass were everywhere and Mrs. Pratchett nearly had a heart attack and was almost impaled by a shard of glass.

Mrs. Pratchett made this statement about this case “‘Em little buggers nearly killed me they did!!”

Roald Dahl was tried for this case about him attempting murder, which he pled guilty in and after weeks of pleading for him not to get arrested. Roald Dahl's mother has diecided that it would be best for him to move to a boarding school in England, his mother said that this is best for him so he won't see his friends everyday and won't get in trouble for acting inapropately.

Roald Dahl and the four other boys were all givin 20 canings for their crime of placing the dead mouse in the jar.