Integumentary system

By: Ryan B.

2nd period

The five integumentary systems functions:

1: the skin keep germs from getting in

2: the skin holds everything in place, so it does not fall out

3: the skin can release waste by sweating it out

4: the skin protects the body from getting badly hurt

5: the skin helps us to not overheat by sweating to keep us cool

About the integumentary system:

It is composed of two different layers: the dermis and the epidermis. The epidermis is the protective layer, keeping out germs and harm from the inside, and the dermis stores the important stuff right on the inside.

Illnesses that skin can get:

Sunburn: caused when the skin absorbs too many UV rays, and can burn your skin. It usually will hurt for a while, and where the sunburn is will turn red.

Bruises: Is usually caused by getting hit, bruises can turn the skin a different color for a while and can also be sensitive to touch for the time that you have the bruise.

This was a science project. Don't judge.

The stated things below are not true. Do not listen to them

How you can prevent the illnesses:

To get rid of bruises, it can only be cured by time. Sunburns can be prevented by wearing sunscreen, and there is no known cure for cancer.