Teen Activism: Animal Abandoment

By: Chloe Kabat

Teen Activism

What is teen activism? Who are activists? What do they do? A teen activist is a teen, usually 13-19 years old that notices a problem and does something about it. There are plenty of problems, and there are plenty of people working to solve these problems. One example is Malala Yousafzai, an 18 year old Pakistani girl that has fought for girl education. Another example is Alex Lin, a 16 year old boy from Rhode Island that has successfully banned e-waste in Rhode Island. Teen activists are all around the world, and you could be one too.

Teen Activists

Animal Abandonment

Almost everyone has had a pet in there life, either a dog, cat, fish, or guinea pig. What if you had to completely abandon them, and never see them again? People sometimes abandon their pets for whatever reasons it my be. In some states, it is illegal to adandon pets, and can be punished with a fine and possibly a year in prison. To try to help out the animal abandonment issue, the Human Society encourages owners to spay a neuter animals to try to prevent them from possibly being abandoned. If you would like to know more about this topic Lisa Towen and her article have an explanation for why people would abandon their pets, http://prime.peta.org/2010/01/why-people-abandon-animals and if you would like to look at the humane society page about it , click here http://www.americanhumane.org/animals/adoption-pet-care/issues-information/pet-overpopulation.html

Faye Carey: Animal Abandonment Activist

Faye Carey is a 16 year old girl from New Zealand that has helped out the population of abandoned animals tremendously. She went to her local shelter to do a week of training, and noticed a puppy. At the end of the week, the puppy was still there and she felt bad that no on had adopted it. She created an advertisement on a website called Trademe, and the puppy was adopted. Faye started to make advertisements for other animals in the shelter, be eventually started to use FaceBook. Faye built up a strong following of people and works 3 hours a night updating the page, approving documents, and replying to questions people have. If you would like to learn more information about Faye, check out the two websites below.



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Organizations Helping Out

“We are Animals Knights fighting for the rights of all animals.” That is one of the things that has been posted on the website of the Kids Against Animal Cruelty organization, or KAAC. The founder of the organization is a 16 year old teen activist named Lou Wegner. He started the foundation when he went to Los Angeles and was shootings short film. He started to volunteer at a local shelter, and started to realize how many animals were being put down. “It was heartbreaking. All these dogs crying in their cages. Knowing they would be put down broke my heart.” After two years of the organization running, it now has over 12,000 members, 50,000 supporters, and 20,000 animals being saved from being put down. Lou also hopes that one day he may have a facility on every state, and has worked to inform as many people as possible about animal abandonment issues. He started another organization called “For The Love Of Dog”, and is a co-host for a radio talk show called “Love that Dog Hollywood! Kids and animals”. Lou has defiantly come a long way from when he started, and is making LA a better place to be.