Priya's Bucket List

Things I NEED to do before I "kick" the bucket

A little bit about me...

My name is Priya O and I am currently a 16 year old student in grade 11. Before I "kick" the bucket there are many things I want to experience and places I want to visit. There are so many regions of the world that are rich in culture that spark my interest. I think the regions I am most interested in visiting include Europe, Asia, and Oceania. I think I'd like to travel somewhere that offers a a glimpse of the modern and traditional side. Experiencing the culture/lifestyle in another country is one of the top things I want to before I "kick" the bucket. Also, I'd like to travel somewhere where I can have amazing adventures and make life-long memories. The types of tourism I like most are cultural, recreational, nature, and adventure tourism. I think I'd also like to participate in voluntourism at one point in my life.
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My Top Bucket List Entry

My top bucket list entry would be living abroad in France for one year. This would be my top bucket list entry because living abroad would be a really cool experience. There are many places I'd love to live abroad in but I think somewhere in France (most likely Paris) would my first pick because I already know how to speak in French. I was in French immersion and I have also taken French in high school but I still don't feel like I'm fluent in French. I want to live abroad in France for one year because I want to practice speaking French on a daily basis and improve in my French conversational skills so I don't forget the French I've learnt over the years. I'd also like to live abroad in France for one year so I could fully experience the French culture. I would really like to experience living in France and visit different regions in France such as Alsace and Marseilles. Living abroad in France would also give me an opportunity to make new friends and visit many historical sites in France. Since France is so close to other European countries, I could fly to these other countries at lower prices. (Active and Cultural tourism)

Skying in New Zealand!

This is a video of skydiving in New Zealand. In the video, a Kpop idol goes skydiving and the you get an idea of how it feels like to go skydiving and how the ground below you looks while you're skydiving. (Adventure tourism)
130412 f(x) Krystal Skydiving @ New Zealand