News for the week of April 20

LMC Lab & Classroom Schedule

Click here to see this week's schedule or view the LMC Reservations Calendar in your shared drive. Visitors include:
    • Mrs. Schweitzer with Health
    • Mrs. Jordal with Chemistry
    • GACME Club
    • Tiered Incentives Committee
    • Pins & Needles Club
    • Student Council
    • Mrs. Flanagan with Honors English II
    • Ms. Wessell with World Geography
    • ROE Class

    The LMC's May schedule is filling up, so please take time to review your lessons plans this week and make reservations. Also, please send an email ASAP if your plans have changed.

    Ag Day is Friday, April 24

    Two big assignments wrap up this week

    English I students have been reading nonfiction since January, and their memoirs/biographies/autobiographies are due back to the LMC by April 24. Look for their independent projects (versions of The Proust Questionnaire) soon on a bulletin board near you.

    Expository Writing students turn in their research papers on Friday, April 24.

    Quiet Zone begins in May

    In preparation for final exams and inventory, all overdue items and fines must be cleared by April 30 for students to be allowed in the LMC during study hall in May. For really busy periods such as 4-10, your study hall will probably visit every third day to encourage a quiet study environment here. Through posters, announcements, and overdue notices, we will have shared this information with students for three weeks by April 30.

    Working off fines is our preferred method of payment. In the last week, a dozen students have worked off their fines by changing bulletin boards and display cases, dusting shelves, organizing carts of books, and placing donation labels in new books. If you know of a student who has avoided paying a fine, please encourage him or her to work for us. With inventory around the corner, there's plenty to do.

    From now until finals there will be lines for computers, so please write passes sparingly.

    Only three $5 copies left

    Fiction Addiction will discuss Paper Towns by John Green on April 30.