Polnaski Vs. Goold

Polnaski version and goolds version

this version of the play was better in ways that the characters looked more like the book described them. although the scene setting was not just as accurate it did well. the beach and the stormy settign gave macbeth a better look than the other version. the witches were well dressed unlike goold. he didnt do so well when it came to apperance and setting he kind of went a different direction than the other director. which wasnt bad at all it just didnt help to understand the book as much.
One difference I noticed between the two versions was the setting. It was significant because one was a beach in the middle of a storm and the other one was more of a indoor building. Another difference i noticed was the fact that the witches had different apperance. A similiarity was how they both cast a spell during the play but they both use different parts of the body for the spell.