Finding Bravery

Mrs. Barbaric's Class Hero Project


"I think that a lot of fear is in your head. And you have control of what's happening in your head. Some people imaging the worst outcome possible, that's all they can think about, and that paralyzes them."

In my interview with my dad, Phil Marino, we talked about overcoming fear. He would know about fear- he has his pilot's license, enjoys skydiving, does stand-up comedy, and has even gone scuba diving in shark infested waters. He shows that it's okay to be afraid as long as it isn't paralyzing. Throughout my life, he has done a great job pushing me to try new things and conquer my fears.

Please read about my dad share about his experiences with fear and how to overcome it. Also read my Untouchable Hero Essay and Research Essay linked below. I hope you enjoy!

Who is my untouchable hero?

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