Wonders Reading

Unit 2 Week 1


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BIG IDEA: What does it take to solve a problem?

Weekly Concept: Cooperation

Essential Question: Why is working together a good way to solve a problem?


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This Week's Spelling Lists:

Please make daily Spelling practice a priority. Also, take advantage of Spelling City! It is a fabulous online resource and it makes Spelling practice much more fun!

This Week's Spelling Rule:

  • Long i and Long u
  • The igh is one way to spell the long i sound. Long i can also be spelled as i, y, and ie.
  • The ew spelling for the long u sound usually comes at the end of a word.
  • Long u can also be spelled with a VCV pattern like mule and music.

Approaching Word List:

sky, fly, might, right, find, child, bite, pie, use, cute, mule, huge, cube, unit, few

On Level Word List:

sky, fry, pie, tied, tight, right, bright, grind, child, cube, cute, mule, music, drew, few

This Week's Wonders Highlights


attempt; awkward; cooperation; created; furiously; interfere; involved; timid

Word Study:


Comprehension Strategy:

Make, Confirm, and Revise Predictions

Comprehension Skill: