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VOLUME 1 ISSUE 17 ~ 3.10.15

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The next day for this training was scheduled for Saturday, April 11. The session that was canceled Saturday will be rescheduled. As soon as we receive word about this we will let you know.


These are still going. If you have an unannounced observation, look for someone to come into your classroom at anytime. We will watch lesson plans closely to ensure that we observe at an appropriate time.

Education Policy Fellowship for Tennessee Teachers

Hope Street Group, a national nonpartisan nonprofit that connects teachers with policymakers, is partnering with the department to launch the Tennessee State Teacher Fellowship (see https://news.tn.gov/taxonomy/term/26 ). The fellowship provides teachers with opportunities to meet leading policymakers and present them with solutions for elevating the teaching profession. Teacher Fellows stay in their classrooms full time, work with Hope Street Group 10-15 hours each month, and receive a $3,500 stipend for the 12-month fellowship. Teachers with interest and experience in teacher leadership and education policy are strongly encouraged to apply. The application, due March 20, is

located at http://apply.hopestreetgroup.org/.

The New Year

As we make plans for next year, I'm interested what you would be interested in doing i.e. grade assignment, committee, etc., or simply what you'd like to see differently. Please submit feedback below
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March 26 Faculty and Staff Meeting

This meeting is for teachers, assistants, cafeteria workers, and custodians. See your grade chair for details. Attendance is manditory! It will start at about 3:20 in the Library.

This is a video one of my friends and her husband created featuring 2 of her children. It has a very good message. Feel free to share this with your class. #LoveMeSomeMe


I appreciate you ALL! Have an AWESOME week!