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Hear Us R.O.A.R

Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe that we are at the end of the school year. An entire term with no students at school has been a challenge for everyone. Thank you for the many efforts you have been making at home. We know that it hasn’t been the easiest.

I know this newsletter is A LOT but I wanted you to have as much information as possible to finish up our week as well as information for the summer. Please read carefully!


Mrs. Robbins

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Chromebook Return

Checked Out Chromebooks are to be returned to the school on THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2020. Office staff will be located at the pull through area from 8:30 to 12:00 pm. You can swing in and hand us the Chromebook and be on your way.

If you will be out of town on that day, you are welcome to drop it off any day the following week during office hours.


Fees for missing or broken Chromebooks parts:

$150 for visibly broken or damaged parts such as; missing keys, broken screen, broken ports and/or head phone jacks

$20 for missing or damaged charging cables.

Library Books

Just a reminder that we still have lots of missing library books. Please bring them to the school. There is a cart in the entryway that you can put them in.
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Free Lunches at Taylor will end this Friday. However, the Utah Food Bank has a free summer meal program running Monday, Wednesday and Friday, June 1st through August 14th. It will be at the Constitution Park by the swimming pool.
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We will be sending out registration information for the coming school year during the summer – please be watching for it. All students will register online during the summer, including the new kindergarten students. We are waiting for the district to give us more details.

Summer Reading

With the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changing the face of education, it has been challenging for students to make and maintain the kinds of gains that we would normally expect. Recent data shows that:

  • Achievement typically slows/declines over summer months

  • The extent of that loss increases in upper grades

  • Typical ‘summer slide’ can reach up to two or three months of learning loss

  • ‘Summer slide’ with COVID could increase substantially, with a possible loss of 30% of the reading gains students have made this year

What Can We Do?

These statistics can be frightening, but there are things families can do to prevent this from happening. Below are a few ideas you might want to try with your children:

  • The more your child reads, the less summer slide will affect them! Encourage your child to read every day

  • Help your child make a goal for the number of books they want to read this summer - encourage them to be ambitious! Click here for a Goal Sheet

  • Studies have shown that for older children, simply reading four chapter books over the summer could prevent the typical summer slide

  • Help your child find an author or series that will get them hooked and want to keep reading

  • Plan weekly visits to the library, or regularly help your child check out books from the online library (our school district uses Sora, which can be found here)

  • Read to your child

  • For younger children, trade off reading pages with them

  • Have your child follow along in a book as they listen to the audio version (available from many libraries or websites like Audible)

  • Encourage your child to re-read short books to improve their rate and expression

  • Check out these summer reading book suggestions

For More information:

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Kindness Rocks ALL SUMMER

They are looking FABULOUS!!! We ask that each student paint their own unique using indoor/outdoor glossy acrylic craft paint. Place the painted rock in our school's rock bed by our Student Pick Up area.

If you can't find a rock, you are welcome to grab one from the bed and return it painted

We are going to continue this all summer and all next year so as things get calmer and you would like to paint a rock....come grab one and put it back painted:)

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