Oregon Trail Journal

Rosie Smith

Entry 1

We start our journey today. We have many adventures ahead us and no one knows what the future holds. Today is April 25, 1854, it's been exactly 7 moths since my late husband Henry died. It has been hard on my kids, especially my oldest and only daughter Susie. We bout to venture into vast and unknown lands with 6 other wagons.

The wagon train meets our first river and our wagon leader must make an important decision. Should we forge the river or pay the ferry? We safely forge the river and continue on. Water and fire wood is very scarce. Our wagon train runs into our first encounter with an indian. He wants to gamble, but our wagon leader didn't think it was a wise idea so we carry on. It's gettin dark and we have to find a safe place to camp over night so we decide to start settin up our campfire near a small stream.

Entry 2

Been on the trail 3 weeks now and I'm beginnin to miss home real bad. My 13 year old son Tucker is starting to complain about missin his friends back home and you better believe I'm getting an ear full of his mouthin off. Trgedy suddenly strikes when Dallas Ritter runs in front of a wagon and gets run over. His leg was real busted up and we didn't know if he would survive through the night because of the perfuse bleeding. I woke up to a scream of agony and as I ran to the wagon next to ours I had a pretty good idea what had happened. There laying lifeless was Dallas Ritter and his crying mother hunched over him. We had a nice little ceremony but had to keep on moving.

All of the wagons in our wagon train gain 5 boxes of ammunition. We reach our second river, The Sand Flats River. After we cross the river on the ferry our wagon train comes to a fork in the trail. We can either choose the safe but slower route or the faster and more dangerous with the chance we could get killed by Indians. Our wagon train can't afford any delays so we decide to take the Burial Trail which is the more dangerous one. Over the next couple of days nothing unfortunate happens so we are very pleased with our choice to take the Burial ground trail.

Entry 3

While on the trail we run into some indians and have to trade some things and negotiate with them so they don't hurt us. Hunting day arrives, and I hit the jackpot when I catch 20lbs of elk. All of the wagon trains that left at the same time as ours did, meet at the same trail again. It's time to cross another river and we decide to forge it. It is a sad day as my son James did not make it across the river. Our wagon got tipped over and he got stuck under it and drowned.

The next couple days were hard for me and the rest of the family but, we have to keep pushin on if we want to make it to Oregon. It's also been extra tuff cause just yesterday a huge fight broke out between 30 indians and our wagon train. I lost one of my riffles so I can't go huntin as much. We come to another fork in the trail and have to decide which way to go.

Entry 4

We're pretty close to the end of our journey now and I'm really getting anxious. My wagon train leader decides that this may be our last opportunity to hunt. I catch 40lbs of buffalo. Water is becoming really scarce and my my children aren't in good shape, I'm very worried. I don't know why I thought my family would be able to make it across the country. I am alone now Henry died of cholera yesterday and Susie and Tucker became dehydrated and couldn't make it through the week.

My wagon train has come to our last mountain crossing and we must make a do or die decision. It's winter and the snow has become very severe. If we cross through the mountain we may get through but there is a possibility that we could get trapped by the snow with no way to turn back. Another option would be to stay at the camp until the spring which may mean the other wagons reach Oregon first and we loose all the good land. W are going through the mountain, there is no turning back now and snow keeps getting worse. If we don't make it through, whoever finds this journal share my journey with everyone you meet....