Isometric Dot Drawing

Intermediate Level

The Fun Continues!

Check out these familiar items constructed using unit cubes. Students use isometric dot paper to reconstruct them.

I use this activity as an extension to the original Isometric Dot Drawings assessment. Students use spacial orientation as they recreate the three-dimensional perspective pictures onto isometric dot paper.

I made the pictures on Google Sketchup, which is free to download and very easy to use. Contact me for a quick tutorial n how to make a cube picture on Sketchup.

I have provided a side-by-side key on a Microsoft Word Document,

I have also provided a copy of blank isometric dot paper that I downloaded from (a great site for all kinds of graph paper).

Have fun!

Isometric Dot Drawings

Isometric Dot Drawings are design specifically to give students experience in drawing three-dimensional shapes on a two-dimensional paper. Each student is give 1 or 2 sheets of isometric dot paper and they practice recreating the block shapes. The tricky part is that the perspective of the illustrations is different from the isometric dot paper.

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