Hitchcock Highlights

November 13th, 2015

Important Dates to Remember

November 19- Progress Reports are due

November 19- Turkey Holiday Lunch

Nov. 20-Topic 7 Math test

Nov. 23- Book talk due on Award Winner

Coming Up this Week

Math- Dividing Decimals: We have been taking a lot of notes in your child's Math journal. Please encourage your child to use their notes for help, if they get stuck on a problem at home, while trying to complete their math homework. We will take the Topic 7 test on Friday, Nov. 20th. They will be able to use their math notes.


We began the State Writing Assessment this week. We have written an rough draft Expository Piece on the Circulatory or Digestive System.


Lesson #12 test on Nov. 19th


Book talk (award winner) is due Nov. 23rd. Please check with your child to see that they have a book talk form to fill out.


It’s that time again when students try to “bee” the smartest speller at The BOB! Our school wide Spelling Bee will be December 11th. In order to give students the chance to prepare, individual “hives” (classrooms!) hold their bees next week. My class will be holding the class bee on Friday, Nov. 20th at 12:30 PM. At that time, winners from my class will be given a list to study. Each class will have two representatives, and one alternate in case one of the spellers is absent on December 11th.

Specials Schedule

Monday-Library & Strings

Tuesday-Art & Band

Wednesday-Counselor, PE & Strings

Thursday-Music, PE, & Strings

Friday- Computer, Music & Strings

Progress Reports

Your child will be bringing home a double sided Progress Report today. Please sign and return the report by Wednesday, Nov. 18th. I just want to be sure that the grades are being communicated. I want to remind you that this is MID-QUARTER grades and that your child has quite a bit of time to pull their grade up, if they are concerned. I have 2 reading grades that I did not get entered, before printing the reports as well. If you want to keep up with your child's progress, just click here for more information: http://www.olatheschools.com/students-families/parentvue

5th grade t-shirts---FINAL CHANCE!!!!

It's that time of year....let's get your child's shirt ordered. They are $10 and the 5th graders voted on the design. Today is their goal for deadline of getting all t-shirts ordered! Here is the link:

Black Bob 5th Grade Class Shirt Group Order Form - Sign Up Today!