PACE Newsletter

Week of December 8th-12th

Dear PACE Parents,

During this week and next we are finishing up our study of Ancient China. This week we looked at the different dynasties and their contributions to art and inventions. It is interesting to see how detailed the artwork became as time progressed. We also focused on the Great Wall of China. It is hard to imagine a structure that spans over 8,000 feet, even though some parts are no longer connected. We read a book called, You Wouldn’t Want to Work on the Great Wall of China! It showed us that building and working on the Great Wall was not a very glamorous way of life. Most of the students agreed that it is better to be alive during modern times!!

Have a wonderful week!

HOMEWORK: Choose one

Write a diary entry about YOU living in Ancient China. What would you be doing, how would you be feeling? Remember YOU are living in Ancient China—there are NO TVs, iPods, etc. Be creative but also be precise. Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Homework: Draw or build “your” Great Wall. Be ready to tell what your wall would keep out (or in.)


Look back at the previous newsletters and choose a homework choice that you did not pick the first time!