Rip Tide

By Kat Falls

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Two teenagers (Ty and Gemma) live in a futuristic world in underwater New York. They find a ship wreck and try to find out what happen one mystery leads to another to unravel to truth about the wreck.

My rating for the book

My rating for the book is 1.5 to 2 because it was to easy to tell what was gonna happen. My other reason is i fell asleep more times then chapters because it was boring. The total rating for the book was 4.5 world wide. This was just my thoughts on the book. This book is for you if you like adventure or mystery


1. Ty and Gemma our hiding a big metal box and, TY gets attacked by three squids.

2. TY and Gemma find a wreck and get to keep it but, they want to find out what caused the wreck. They later go to a find were Shade (Gemma's brother and the leader of a gang) is fighting.

3. Shade is arrested and Ty fights for Shade and wins.Ty breaks Shade out of jail but, Shade had to make a deal.

4. Gemma says she sees ghosts under water. Eel (member of Shades gang) try's to help by hypnotizing her but, it does not work.

That is all I'm gonna says so the book is not spoiled.

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