Rocketry & Space

Kevin Nguyen

History of the Rocket

The first rocket ever made was in China around the 1200s. The rockets were actually made for fireworks, and then people started to use them for war. After years past the evolution of the rocket changed, people started making stronger and better solid rockets.

Job Duties / Task

They're many duties for a person working for an aircraft, it may include designing the aircraft, devising test methods to made the quality of the rocket better, and communication between the workers. Each task has a specific role that has a major impact on the job. If one of these jobs were took away, the Rocket would collapse.


The Salary of the Aerospace Engineer is about $103,870. The managing of the aircraft such as the transporters, storage. make about $100,630. The scientist and research development make around $112,360 a year.


So become an astronaut you're required to have a Bachelor's degree from engineering, biological science, physical science, or mathematics. You also need at least 1,000 hours in a pilot-in-command jet aircraft.

If you want to become a rocket scientist you are required to have a bachelor's degree in physics, aerodynamics, and related subjects to space.

Training Requirements

Before an astronaut can go out into space he or she needs to go through training because the gravitational pull in space is different than on Earth. They go through a model that is basically identical how it would feel in space so they know how to move around in space. Astronauts have to go through micro gravity which means very weak gravity. This would just make the astronauts feel weightless.


I chose my project to be about Rocketry and Space because when I was going through the process of building a miniature rocket I found that it was really fun. Also, I was curious on how the rocket could actually fly, going through the station it compared on how our rocket was compared to the real life rocket. The two were similar and also different at the same time. I wanted to find out more about the rockets and that's why I chose rocketry and space for my project.