Let's get creative!

Assignment Details

You will be working in teams of 3-4 people. Each team will pick a picture/graph/representation around which you will make a poster and write questions. Your textbook may have similar ones and would be a good source of insight. You may use the computer to make pages for your poster or you may use markers. BE CREATIVE!

  1. Put your picture/graph/representation in a page protector and tape it on your poster.
  2. Describe your picture/graph/representation in detail. Assume your are explaining it to someone who has no background in the subject matter.
  3. List at least 5 facts linking your picture/graph/representation to the structure and function of matter.
  4. Put the AP objective on your poster. See Canvas.
  5. Write two multiple choice questions. One of the questions can be simple recall, but try to make the other question higher order thinking that requires application, interpretation, evaluation, etc. AP likes questions that include justifications. Answer choices would include (but mix up order) (a) correct answer, correct justification (b) incorrect answer, incorrect justification (c) incorrect answer, correct justification (d) correct answer, incorrect justification
  6. Go to Either set up a free account or ask me for mine.
  7. Type your questions into a flyer. BE CREATIVE!
  8. Make sure you save the url for the next step.
  9. Go to
  10. Make a QR code for your smore flyer.
  11. Print the QR code and put it on your poster. Put the url on your poster as well in case people don't have a QR code reader on their phone.
  12. When done, study the other posters in the room and answer the questions on the smore website.