BWF Tech Update

July 2020

Opportunities and Things to Do

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Don't Forget to Archive Your Google Classrooms - Everyone!

Please archive (NOT DELETE) any Google Classrooms that have student's enrolled in them. You can always copy any activities or classes later.

Spotify Playlist - Rangers Rock!

Join in the Fun! Add to the collaborative Spotify Playlist just for BWF Faculty! "Should I Stay or Should I Go"... "It's the End of the World as We Know It" ... What song would you add for our Faculty playlist! Click the link above.

Computers Have Been Imaged - Instructions to fix Printers and Displays

· Here are some instructions after we image computers in your classroom

Setting Up Printers

The new image has updated software (Microsoft/Outlook 2019) as well as windows and driver updates.

· Imaging removes all local files and programs (myviewboard, mirror360) saved on the C drive & any memory of you as a user. It is like a new computer to which you have never signed in before.

· Every now and then, an imaging process may not complete properly. If you get anything other than a login screen after rebooting twice, please do an IT like the following “The desktop in room (include your room number) is not booting to the login screen after imaging.”


· Sometimes your projection option has defaulted to something strange, like Second Screen Only, so if you can’t see your computer image on your monitor, turn on your projector or panel and see if it is there. Remember, the windows key plus the P key will allow you to quickly change it back to Duplicate or Extend.


There is some great Seesaw PD next week. It is called Seesaw Connect. a virtual event for Seesaw educators to connect, learn, and share alongside each other. Signup here

Reminder: Do not create your own Seesaw classes for next year! We will do this for you and add students.

Seesaw connect

Common Sense Education

Teaching Digital Citizenship - this one-hour interactive online training will introduce everything you need to teach digital citizenship. At the end of the training, you'll complete a survey and receive an email confirming your course completion. This training will take approximately one hour to complete.

Sharon Mumm, Technology Coordinator

I'm your Technology Coordinator at BWF. Please let me help you get inspired, create new ideas, explore different projects and amplify student voices!