Washington Early Learning Center

The Washington Eagles

Week of May 2nd-May 6th, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week!

From the Eagle's Nest!

Dear Families,

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Please join me in thanking the wonderful staff that has worked with your child this school year! They do what they do because they LOVE it and that is evident every single day!


Room 1: Mrs. Miller & Mrs. Pfankuch (4K)

Room 1B: Mrs. Julian (Speech & Language Therapy)

Room 2: Mr. Dohms & Mrs. Guyette (4K special education)

Room 3: Mrs. Poeschl & Mrs. Rand (Early Childhood special education)

Room 4: Mrs. Thorson (Early Childhood & 4K special education)

Room 5: Mrs. Rosiejka & Mrs. Zoz (Early Childhood special education)

Room 5B: Ms. Allen (Speech & Language Therapy)

Room 6: Mrs. Palau & Mrs. Schilke (Preschool Phonology)

Room 9: Mrs. Martine & Mrs. Bellmore (4K)

Room 10: Mrs. Baumler & Mrs. Kreuger (4K)

Room 11: Mrs. Hall & Mr. Klavetter (4K)

Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Winters, Mrs. Hein & Mrs. Girard (Occupational & Physical Therapy)

A Child's Imagination: Mrs. Baus & Mrs. Gloudemans (4K)

Thank you!

Mrs. Stacie Nelson

Please mark your calendars!

Upcoming Dates

Monday, May 2nd: There will not be a PTO meeting today

May 2-6: 4K Math Screener (math assessment for all 4K students)

May 9-20: PALS Pre-K Literacy Screener (literacy assessment for all 4K students)

Monday, May 30: No School (Memorial Day)

Tuesday, May 31: 4K Program @Riverside Park (9:15-10:00 AM & 1:15-2:00 PM)

Wednesday, June 1: Last day of school for all EC & 4K students (Report cards home today)

Thursday, June 2: NO SCHOOL for EC & 4K students

Washington PTO

A big thank you to the parents that dedicated their time and energy to the PTO this school year!

Mrs. Gena Ehnerd


Mrs. Amber Genovese

Your hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed and was so appreciated!

4K Program--SAVE THE DATE!

On Tuesday, May 31, 2016, the 4K program will be holding their end-of-year program!

The program will be held at Riverside Park in Neenah on the outdoor stage.

The AM program will be held from 9:15-10:00 and the PM program will held from 1:15-2:00.

More information about the program will be coming home at the beginning of May.

Absence Policy

If your child will be absent from school (Washington & ACI students), you will need to call the Washington ELC OFFICE at 751-6990 to inform us of this absence. If you call and need to leave a message, please leave the following information:

  • Child's name
  • Child's teacher
  • Reason for absence

We will record this information in our attendance system, and let your child's teacher know.

If you do not call the office, you should expect a call from us.

Please let us know if you have any specific questions!

Franklin Avenue Construction

Beginning on Monday, April 4th, we will have an alternate parking plan due to construction on Franklin Avenue. Please use the link below to access the map regarding available parking for drop-off and pick-up for Washington School.

**Please note, there will be limited space in the Washington School parking lot for NJSD parking, as city employees will be utilizing the entire back row. However, if the spaces are OPEN, you are welcome to park there for the 5-10 minutes it takes to drop-off and/or pick-up your child.

The buses will have a loading zone on the south side of Columbian Street, beginning at Walnut St., which will need to be kept clear of vehicle parking. There will be a parent parking/loading zone on Columbian Street closer to Oak Street.

Arrival and dismissal procedures will remain the same as we will utilize the same doors as we have all year.

For the safety of your children, please remain clear of the construction area on Franklin Avenue if there are construction workers and machinery in the area.

Thank you for your patience and assistance as we work through this situation together!

Mrs. Stacie Nelson, Principal

You can view the map here:


School Schedules

4K Program (Washington ELC & A Child's Imagination)


AM Session: 8:20-11:00

PM Session: 12:05-2:45

Early Childhood Program (Mrs. Poeschl & Mrs. Rosiejka)

Mondays-Thursdays (No School on Fridays)

AM Session: 8:20-10:50

PM Session: 12:05-2:35

Preschool Phonology (Mrs. Palau)

Mondays/Wednesdays: 8:20-10:50

Tuesdays/Thursdays: 8:20-10:50

Tuesdays/Thursdays: 12:05-2:35

Office Hours: Mondays-Fridays from 7:30-3:30

Office Phone: 920-751-6990

Office Fax: 920-751-6914

Mrs. Stacie Nelson, Principal & 4K Program Administrator

Mrs. Angie Calkins, Administrative Assistant

Community Events

Community Events Link - Be sure to check out the link on the district web site which keeps you up to date on current events and activities throughout the Fox Valley Community. Go to www.neenah.k12.wi.us/community/communityevents.cfm.

Visitor Policy

We welcome visitors to our school! However, for the safety of all children and staff, we require all visitors to check-in and wear a visitor badge if they are in the building. Please remember that if you are in the building, staff members will be looking for your visitor badge! Thanks for your support in keeping our building SAFE!