5/2- 5/6

Top 10 Final Exam TIPS

1. Just get started. Don’t wait until you feel like studying.

2. Predict possible questions. Review old tests, quizzes & study guides

3. Stay healthy. Get some sleep and avoid caffeine. Seriously, your brain with thank you.

4. Draw it. Create tables, diagrams or pictures to represent and organize the information.

5. Explain it aloud. Ask a SSS tutor if you can explain the material to them. Using your own words helps you assess your comprehension, which ultimately aids your memory.

6. Study in a distraction-reduced environment. Turn off your cell phone & TV.

7. Quiz yourself. Cover up your notes and try to explain them. Create flashcards. If you find yourself struggling to remember, try different techniques to learn the material.

8. Form a study group and develop a practice test together.

9. Manage your anxiety. By listen to calming music, stretching or breathing deeply, you can avoid stress and release negative thoughts.

10. Finally, examine your beliefs about learning. It does not happen quickly and intelligence is not fixed. Stay positive and persist, believing that talent can be developed. You can learn material by working hard, seeking help and using effective strategies.

GOOD LUCK WITH FINAL EXAMS!! When you're done, take a break with this... (below)

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Have you registered for the fall semester yet?

Before you leave for the summer break, we highly suggest that you complete your FAFSA for 2016-2017 (must be completed each year) & come in & get registered for your fall classes!
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We are now accepting applications for new TRIO SSS students for 2016-2017. Tell your friends to apply TODAY!

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Did you miss all the in-person workshops this semester? Please be sure and complete an online workshop alternative by May 15th!

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TRIO will be open ALL summer! With Tutors available! New hours start next week (Mon-Thurs 7:30a-5:30p)

Summer 1

May 31: First Day of Summer 1 classes

May 31st by 6pm: Summer 1 payment deadline

TRIO Student Support Services

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