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Action required: Be sure to read carefully!

We have decided to restructure how the iPad process works at St. Mary. Trying to 'police' each device while making it easy for the teachers to add apps has truly been difficult. There are also some things that Apple has not given us the option to restrict yet, so we are taking it upon ourselves to do so.

What does this mean for you?
This means your job should get a whole lot easier! We will be supplying Apple IDs for the devices and will set all restrictions. We will push out updates as necessary and will add the apps the teachers want to be able to use.

What does this mean for the students?
This means that the devices become 100% what we ordered them for: school devices. There may be educational games that the teachers ask to put on them, but the students will not be downloading games, apps, etc unless it happens through us.

It is our job to be sure the students have a safe environment at school as well as at home. This will provide a much more worry-free environment for all involved, and parent 'policing' of the devices should be much less time-consuming and frustrating.

Part of learning is trial and error, and we have learned that the way we have done this is much more difficult than it needs to be so we are changing it.

You will receive directions home today on how to back up your child's iPad if there are any pictures or videos they would like to keep. The apps are always available for download onto any Apple device using their Apple ID and password.

Please be sure your child's teacher has the Apple ID and password to be able to edit the device, as well as any restriction code. We will be resetting and erasing the devices to begin the new process on Monday.

If you would rather, you can follow these easy steps to erase the devices yourself over the weekend and send them in on Monday.

Thank you in advance, and please feel free to email me if you have any questions. My information is below.

Theresa Stager
St. Mary Rockwood
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