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Valentine's Day

Mizehawks will celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday, February 12. We have made a few adjustments this year to have a pandemic safe Valentine's Day celebration. Here are some key points for this day:

  • Each student will receive a white bag along with several items to decorate a special bag that students will use to collect their valentines. This means that no boxes from home are necessary this year!
  • Students are encouraged to bring in valentines for their classmates. We are asking that these valentines come to school in a gallon sized plastic bag and arrive between February 8-10 so that they can sit for a couple of days before being passed out. Can candy be given with the valentine this year? Yes! As long as it is in a prepackaged bag, it will work!
  • You will receive specific information from your classroom teachers concerning items that may be needed for the day.
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One of our goals as a building this semester is to focus on relevance and real-world connections within our lessons. We want to make sure that all of our students understand the relevance behind what they are learning and how it relates to real-world careers. This has been a focus not only for us, but for the state department of education, as well.

The state of Kansas implemented the Career Fields and Clusters which are broken down into elementary, middle, and high school levels. The focus at each level is as follows:

Elementary – focus on the seven Career Fields

Middle School –focus on the seven Career Fields and the 16 Career Clusters

Secondary – focus on the seven Career Fields, the 16 Career Clusters and the 36 Pathways of study

For more information click on the links below if you would like to learn a bit more.

Kansas Career Fields, Clusters and Pathways Infographic all levels


Guidance Handbook Information:


Since we are focusing on relevance and these real-world connections, the time has come, once again, to update our parent career database. If you would be interested in sharing a bit about your career, with our students, please click on the link below to provide information. We would greatly appreciate your support in providing a bit of real-world relevance to our students and you may even help spark a child’s interest and lead them on a path towards a future career. We plan to share a bit more about our upcoming Career Day in the near future.


Upcoming Dates



2/24 Parent Teacher Conferences; half day dismissal at 12:10

2/25 Parent Teacher Conferences; NO SCHOOL



3/18 Kindergarten Round-Up | look for more information coming..

3/24-29 Spring Break

3/29 Teacher Professional In-Service Day


4/30 NO SCHOOL; Teacher Professional In-Service Day


5/28 Last Day of School; Half Day dismissal at 12:10

Mize Hawks in the COMMUNITY

Taityn Rome a third grader here at Mize, for her 9th birthday, wanted to reach out to the KC COMMUNITY. Taityn and some friends made 30 fleece blankets and donated them to the homeless down at Scraps KC. Because Taityn had such a positive experience, she is continuing to serve at Scraps on Saturdays! Way to go Taityn for be a leader and spreading kindness! Please see pics below.

Our Mizehawks are doing wonderful things in our community and if you know of another Mizehawk spreading kindness in the community please let us know so that we can share in the HEV.

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