Neighborhood Safety Meeting

Recent Break-Ins

Unfortunately no neighborhood is immune to crime. There was a series of home and car break-ins in Waukee, including our neighborhood, in the early morning hours of Monday, December 8. It's important that we join together to ensure criminals know crime will not be tolerated in our community. Many neighborhoods have a system in place that quickly relays information in the area about criminal activity. This meeting is intended to give information about the recent crimes and help create a system of communication that can make our neighborhood safer.

Meeting Agenda

  • Waukee Police Chief Quinn and several other officers will be in attendance
  • Lt. Breuer, who is in charge of the break-in investigations, will share facts about the case and answer any questions
  • Lt. Mapes, who is in charge of patrol, will provide a briefing on the plan for patrolling the area
  • Sgt. Cunningham, who is in charge of the Neighborhood Watch Program, will provide information on how to get a program started in our neighborhood

Neighborhood Safety Meeting at the Waukee Community Center

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 6:30pm

675 Walnut St

Waukee, IA