From the Principal....

October/November 2020

Dear Families,

By now you should have received a letter that talks about the upcoming October State Testing on Tuesday 10/27 and on also on Thursday, 10/29. Please make sure you know what days your student is testing! Seniors/Freshmen report on Tuesday the 27th, while the Sophomores/Juniors report on Thursday the 29th.

Our busses will be running on both days to bring all students in for the testing, even those who have chosen to be fully online. Parents can also bring their child to school on these dates, just use the student parking lot at the north end of the building for dropping off.


  • Students will not be permitted to enter the building until 7:30 a.m. on these two days.
  • We have various dismissal times on both days. Check the schedule on the back of the previously mentioned letter for the correct dismissal time for your student.
  • Students will be offered a sack lunch when they leave and provided snacks during the break periods.
  • Students need to come to school ready to test each morning with several sharpened #2 pencils and a calculator.
  • Students cannot have any electronic devices, including cell phones, smartwatches, earbuds, etc.
  • Students will not be dismissed until the end of testing, early dismissals disrupt the testing for others who are still working.
  • Students should leave their cell phones home on this day!

Finally, we hope that your child comes to school well-rested and well-fed, as testing will be extensive and exhaustive. Please be aware that because of the stringent testing conditions of each test, any student not reporting to school on time, cannot take the test.

Mr. Wiskur

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Student Schedules

Remember, your child needs to follow their schedule exactly as if they came to school every day. This is how they will get through the curriculum this year. If they continue to struggle with their assignments, they should schedule a time to meet with their instructors during scheduled office hours. Teachers are available every day between 1:35 p.m.- 2:25 p.m. to have either a virtual or face to face conference period.

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With all the challenges of on-line learning, keeping students focused on their academics is undoubtedly a challenge for not only our teachers but for you. It is vitally important that you as a parent keep in touch with your child’s teachers and stay up on their progress in all courses. The easiest way to do this is by using ParentVue. This can be found on our website under the Parent tab.

I truly believe that if you show an interest in your child’s education, and they know you are checking on them, they will do better in the long run. Working together and keeping open lines of communication will ensure that your child receives the best education possible.

We are in our seventh week of school and the end of the first marking period is quickly approaching. November 13th marks the end of the first quarter. As I've stated many times...PLEASE make sure you are checking ParentVue daily. If you are doing this, there should be no surprise when you see what your child is getting for grades in their classses.

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For those who were wondering - yes, we do allow students to wear Halloween costumes to school at the high school. This year, that date will be Friday, October 30th. The restriction is that all costumes must be school appropriate. This means ABSOLUTELY NO GUNS, SWORDS, OR FULL FACE COVERINGS. We MUST BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR FACE, or at least your eyes above your everyday face mask.
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Looking for ways to help your kids in school during COVID-19?

The Parenting During COVID-19 Guide was created for parents looking for practical solutions to help their child close the COVID Slide or general homework assistance. Inside the guide, you will find resources for Helping Your Child Become a Reader, Learn Mathematics, Learn Science, and Learn History. To view the document, please click on the link below.
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School Pictures and ID Cards

If your student has not picked up their pictures and/or student ID card, they may pick them up from security at the front of the building or from the secretaries in the main office. If you didn't order a package when the photos were taken but would like to now, go to the website at
  1. click on HOME
  3. then choose KEARSLEY from the dropdown menu

There are no plans to schedule a make-up/re-take day at this time.

News from the Guidance Office

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