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Emma Clanin, Editor-in-Chief

The Meat People are Eating is Poisonous

Chicago, Iowa: The political cartoon demonstrates The Pure Food and Drug Act. This was a form of progressive, which means to gradually improve. In the cartoon it shows a man raking meat that has been mixed in with dead animals, poisonous objects chemical substances. Meat is sitting in a room that is laying in dirt and sawdust. Animals like rats, poop on the meat, and workers also spit on it. Leaky roofs have water dripping down on the meat and make it soggy. When they are ready to package the meat, they cover it in glycerin and make it over again so people are able to eat it. People have no idea what is in their meat. They also don't know what they are giving to their children. Parents were giving their kids cough syrup with heroine in it without knowing because the medicine is not required to have ingredients that were included in it. The Pure Food and Drug Act forbade the manufacturing, sale, transportation or food and medicine containing harmful ingredients and makes it required to put ingredient labels on products.
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Tragic Factory Fire That Killed Many Women Workers

Manhattan, New York City: 145 workers were killed in a factory fire recently at the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory. The fire's cause is still unknown but it is suspected that it was a cigarette that was thrown is a trash can. Many women workers were killed by preventable problems such as having locked doors, one operating elevator, 2 stairways including one that was locked from the outside, a narrow fire escape, no sprinklers, and the hose being rotten. The elevator could only hold a few people at a time and only took a few trips until the rest of the woman were left to die. When the fire truck arrived, the hose could not reach the floor they were on. These problems are just a few of factory work. Workers are expected to work 13 or more hours a day, 7 days a week in insanitary conditions and cramped spaces. When they have to go to the bathroom, they have to leave the building. Soon management began to lock the doors to help prevent interrupting work. There has been a rise of skilled workers which lead to deathly wages that people can hardly live off of. We need to avoid future problems by making more fire escapes and better working conditions.

United States Using Cuba to Boost Their Confidence

Cuba: United States is using Cuba to boost their self esteem. The country claimed Guantanamo Bay to spread their power to make people more civil. The US disgraces any other religion than Christianity and are determined to turn everyone into civil people that follow the western lifestyle and culture.They do not understand that the Cuban people are perfectly fine with their lifestyles. The United States is also taking over Guantanamo Bay to build a military base and overpower other countries including Cuba. The US has been making the Cuban people miserable. They own 80% of Cuban utilities, 90% of mines, 100% of oil refineries, 90% cattle ranches, and 40% of sugar industries. They will then use that power to achieve American policy goals that take to much money, time, and energy to achieve. We need to stop the US before they hurt other counties, including yours.
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Feed the Military to Win the War

Washington, DC: Herbert Hoover, the leader of Food Administration announces that," Food can win the war." Propaganda, like the one above is used to trigger something in people's minds to get them to do things without even knowing. A lot of propaganda is being used during the war to convince people to give food to the military so then they think they can win. If they don't donate, people feel guilty and think they can't win the war.


Gilded Age "For Sale" Brand New Red Model T automobile: $490

Gilded Age "Wanted" Owner for a lightly used index machine that's controlled by a knob instead of a keyboard: $20

Progressive "Services" Nanny for one 2 and 5 year olds. Pay is $1.50 for 14 hours a day and everyday.

WW1 "Wanted" Buy liberty bonds to help pay for the war: $5-100,000

WW1 "Services" Selective Service Act is drafting all men 21-30 to military services: Required!

Roaring 20s "For Sale" Tickets for Wurlitzer organ playing at the paramount: $3.50

New War Tactic That is Deadly

Somme River: One of the first trench warfare battles broke out recently on July 1, 1916 at the Somme River. The French and British against German are using a new war tactic that includes rows of zigzag parallel lines on the top and bottom of the battle field. There is a space in the middle called no man's land where dead animals, broken down machines, and bodies lay. This tactic was another invention in an era where new advances where invented. Trench warfare is also getting it's name for it's deadly conditions. Many soldiers are being introduced to sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom, and fighting from the trenches. The trench life is infested with disease such as trench foot, body lice, and trench rats and many have died. At the end of the war, their was no victory, but their were enormous amounts of causalities. The British lost more than 57,000 men and the Allies and Central Powers lost more 1.5 million men. The loss shocked the British and realized that they have someone that can match up with them and be a challenge. They soon realized that they weren't the strongest country anymore.

A Look Inside Clara Bow's Life

Brooklyn, New York: Clara Bow is the "It" girl and everyone wants to be her. She has stared in 53 movies, but hasn't always had a luxurious life. I wanted to interview her to find out what the life of Clara Bow is really like and how she got to be how she is today.

interviewer: Clara, you are the bees knees that is known from all over. I am so honored to have the opportunity to interview you and so glad you could make the time.

Clara: Thank you! I am so glad I could make it.

interviewer: I have a few questions that I want to ask you. My first question is, what was your childhood like?

Clara: I had a very rough childhood. I lived in poverty pretty much my whole childhood in Brooklyn, New York. My parents and I lived in a tenement that was in the worst condition. My parents were abusive and often left me by myself for long periods of time at home without any supervision. My parents fought a lot and they took it out on me. There was a lot of violence between my mom being mental and my dad physically abusing me. Outside my home, girls in my neighborhood wouldn't want to be my friend because of the raged clothes I wore. I really had a rough childhood, but it makes me who I am today.

interviewer: How did you get interested and involved it being an actress?

Clara: I was interested in movies at a very young age because it distracted me from all the bad things in my life. I begged my dad to buy two pictures that I needed to enter the "Fame and Fortune" contest. I then won and got a part in the movie, Beyond the Rainbow. My part got cut out, but after that I got a few small roles in movies. Shulberg moved to the classy Paramount and took me with him. I started playing the role of a flapper and that is when I started to get attention

interviewer: Once you started getting famous, how did you keep the audience's attention throughout the movie?

Clara: To keep the audiences attention, I flirt and move around to make the audience feel like they are with me. People say I have a different look to me that captivates people's attention more than other girls, but I don't see it.

Interviewer: What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Clara: I still see myself pursuing in the film business. I love acting very much and I can not see myself doing anything else. I will continue to do silent and in sound films until I won't be able to do.

interviewer: Thank you for sharing more of your life today and I wish you good luck in the rest of your career!

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Babe Ruth Sets a World Record

Babe Ruth sets a world recorded today, October,6,1926 at the Yankee Stadium. This is the Yankee Slugger's fourth world series game and Babe Ruth played an amazing game. He hit three home runs in one game for the first time. This was the game right after he promised an 11 year old hospital patient, Johnny Sylvester, that he would hit a home run.