The Colour Purple Reveals Years of Abuse

The Colour Purple

The novel 'The Colour Purple' by Alice Walker reveals various signs of years of abuse inflicted upon the main character Celie. Celie suffered abused from her father, had her 2 children removed from her and was forced into an unhealthy marriage. Throughout the book we find that Celie has nobody to talk to and the novel is created from the confronting letters from Celie to god.

"You better Shut up and git used to it."

The Novel shows Celies ongoing abuse. The quote from the book on page 3. "You better Shut up and git used to it." Provides us with the evidence that celie is suffering from ongoing abuse. The fact that the man said 'You better Shut up and git used to it.' Shows us that the man has intentions to perform such a shocking act to the young girl repeatedly in the future.