InTheLoop - Feb 5, 2016

BCS Lumberton's Weekly News - Editor, D. O'Brien

Main office

  • J. Kamau, Principal
  • M. Castellane, Supervisor of Education
  • R. McGill, Secretary

Our Mission:

"We provide students with the abilities and skills to cultivate independence, build character and empower them to reach their highest potential.”

We are a team of highly supportive and trained professionals defeating daily challenges like superheroes!

What Will I Earn Through the ABC Program?

BCS Lumberton Boys Basketball Victory vs. Mary Dobbins

Lumberton vs Dobbins January 21

5 things

1. The Marking Period 2 Awards Ceremony will be on Monday (February 8) @ 10am in the Cafeteria.

2. Fundraiser for the Student Activity Fund: Candygrams on sale Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during 9th period. Candy will be delivered on February 11th. Candy grams are 27 points or $2.00 each. Make somebody's (Valentine's) Day!

3. February is Black History Month! The Black History Luncheon is scheduled for February 25th. Stay tuned for Black History trivia and more in the upcoming weeks.

4. Upcoming Basketball Game TODAY (home).

Black History Activities and Luncheon Overview

1. The Black History luncheon will be held on February 25.

2. Students must complete a Black History Project, and attain a score of at least 70% on said project to attend the luncheon.

3. Teachers will create Black History lesson plans so that students may complete these projects for third period on February 4th, 11th and 18th.

4. Miss O'Brien will provide a scoring rubric for said projects. Projects must be completed and turned into Miss O'Brien by February 22nd.

5. Staff attending the luncheon must buy a ticket for $7 each from Ms. Newton or Ms. Lowenthal.

Black History Luncheon Menu

Fried chicken pieces

catfish nuggets and dipping sauce

roasted potatoes

mac and cheese

black eye peas and rice



garden salad with assorted dressings

corn bread

assorted rolls and butter

peach cobbler

sweet potato pie

cheese cake

black forest cake


chocolate chip cookies



Congratulations to the winners of the Prevention Plus of Burlington County Anti-Bullying Poster Contest!

First Place: Omyra Saldana and Armando Miranda

Second Place: Justin Ellis and Aniyah Young

Third Place: Ann Hernandez, Jasmine Miller and Nasziere Daye



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Culinary Arts

Menu for week of 2/2

Friday - chicken fajitas with rice and corn

assorted cookies, chocolate cupcakes

We are closed next week..

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Knighton's Notes

Friendly Reminders on Incident Reporting:

* For Incident reports: In the subject line, include the student's first initial, last name, and date.

* When signing the report, please sign next to the signature box where you type your name.

*Incident reports are legal documents, and have the potential to become court documents. Please remember to do a spelling and grammar check.

*Submit incident reports by 2:30pm.

* Stick to the facts.

Other Notes:

*Our suspension list is now on the Message Board. If a student is suspended, teachers will mark the student as absent, and the office will take care of marking it as a suspension.

*ABC Program: Students who wish to cash in their vouchers for fries in Smitty's Café will have to follow the procedure for requesting a meal (i.e. utilizing a voucher, getting approval and scheduling with Ms. Heather in advance).

February Birthdays!

Marguerite Robinson- Feb 8

Lisa Caplan- Feb 10

Glenn Brumbaugh- Feb 21

Mark Ruff- Feb 24

Mr. Castellane- Feb 28

Jay Rabinowitz- Feb 28


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