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Week of February 11

Love Your Passengers

As we continue through the month of February we are focused on loving our passengers. We want to encourage our ROE families to find ways to show love within your family, school and community. We are so extremely proud of the growth our students are having this school year. Thank you for partnering with us!

Just a reminder our 3rd-5th graders will participate in our yearly benchmark on Tuesday and Wednesday. 5th grade will participate in Science Benchmark on Thursday.

Megan Corns


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One of the wonderful websites that our school offers is Brainpop . The site can be accessed through the Red Oak ISD portal using the student's ClassLink sign on and clicking the "online digital resources" tab. It can be enjoyed at home, in the car or anywhere that you have WiFi. This week we have enjoyed logging into Brainpop and learning about Martin Luther King Jr and many other famous Americans as we move into Black History Month. Students are able to watch a short video on their topic of choice and then explore different games and activities related to the information. Legacy and We before Me are two of our most powerful Talons. The best way a student can be encouraged to add to their character is to explore the champions that made our nation great. Great men and women of our past have modeled for us what sacrifice, devotion, work ethic and compassion can accomplish. As we learned in class this week from Martin Luther King Jr. "Hate cannot drive out hate...only love can do that." So embrace technology and all that it offers exploring the many amazing people from our history as you move into our future together as a family.

Mrs. Andrea Brown

Technology Teacher

"Children are not a distraction

from more important work.

They are the most important work."

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World's Finest Chocolate PTA Fundraiser

The PTA Fundraiser will continue. Please return money in the envelope provided and sign the envelope if you would like another box. PTA does so much for our students and staff. This fundraiser will be used towards our Spring Field Trips. We are so thankful to have amazing parent support for our students and staff. Thank you!

Did you know..

At Red Oak Elementary we have a lot of amazing things happening. We want to take some time this semester to share some pieces that we are proud of each and every day.
  • Our students participate in PE 3 days a week. They work on exercising and look at ways to stay healthy. Coach Garcia-King and Ms. McAdams help our students have fun and learn during every class.
  • Our Kindergarten-2nd grade just completed the Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI) to monitor reading progress. Teachers are using this information to provide intervention as we continue pushing each student to reading on grade level.
  • The very best way you can help your student is to read with him/her every night. 30 minutes of daily reading can make a huge impact on the academic success for a student.
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School Communication Plan

We just want to remind you if there is a possibility of bad weather that could result in the delay of the start of school or closing school, we will use the following forms of communication to notify you no later than 6:00 am:

  • Text messages and automated phone calls

  • ROISD App notification

  • Parent and staff emails

  • Facebook and Twitter

  • District and campus websites

  • Local media (please note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all media postings, so refer to

Therefore, there is no need to call your child’s campus to see if we are having school. If you do not receive any notification, we will be having school and starting at the regularly scheduled time. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your school has the most up-to-date and accurate contact information.

Upcoming Dates

February 12 - 3rd-5th Math Benchmark

February 13 - Colors for Caring / 3rd-5th Reading Benchmark

February 14 - 5th grade Science Benchmark / Valentine card exchange at 2:15

February 15 - No School for students/ Professional development Day for staff

February 18 - No School

February 22 - End of 4th Six Weeks

February 28 - Mighty Minds Musical at 7 pm

March 1 - Read Across America / Dr. Seuss Day

March 4 - Open House


  • Please remember school hours are 7:40-3:10.
  • Students are considered late to school after 7:45 (via school clocks).
  • The building opens on the driveway at 6:55 am The front office opens at 7:15.
  • Breakfast ends at 7:40. Students wanting breakfast need to arrive by 7:30.
  • Students who leave before dismissal time at 3:10 are considered early sign-outs.
  • To qualify for district level perfect attendance awards (Count Me In) at the end of the school year, students must be in attendance all day every day (no late to school/tardies or early sign-outs).

Lunch Visitors

If you come to visit for lunch, we ask that you please eat lunch with your child at one of the side tables or benches. Lunch visitors must be listed in Skyward. Please don’t invite other students to join your family while you eat. Thank you for your cooperation!

Healthy Reminders

It is important to remember that if your child has a fever over 100 degrees, he or she must stay out of school until fever free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications. In addition, students with diarrhea or vomiting must stay home until they are diarrhea/vomiting free without suppressing medications for at least 24 hours.

When your child is ill, please contact the school (972-617-3523) to let us know he or she won’t be attending that day.

Lost and Found

Please have your children check the lost and found by the recess doors if they are missing any hoodies or coats.


Dreambox is a great application for students to practice math skills. This app can be reached on our website under the student digital subscriptions.

Username: Student ID

Password: Student ID