Fraser Fir Forrest

Caleb G and Nichy K

Fir Forrest

The Frasier Fir Forest is located in Asheville, Nc. It is a forest to preserve the wildlife and the trees along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Animals and Invasive Specious

Some native animals are the Whitetail Deer, Elk, Tree Snake, and the Grey Squirrel. Some invasive species are the Fox Squirrels and the Mile A Minute Weed. The weed has become serious problem due to the dying forest floor vegetation.
The fir forest has been altered by humans with the Christmas Tree industry. It has altered the amount of trees in ecosystem but this also creates food for the variety of wildlife in the forest. Such as the seeds in the cones for birds and other animals.

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Explain the ecosystem impacts the culture of the region

How they eat there food and how they live so what they do so lots of people hunt and eat the animals that they kill until that are low on population