General facts and information about France

Based on world book online, "France's capital and largest city is Paris".

Based on Google, "The population of france is 63,660,000".

Based on Yahoo, "1 Euro=100 cents".

Bordering Countries

Brazil 673 km, Suriname 510 km

highest evalation:

4,808 m

natural resoureses: Natural resources: coal, iron ore, bauxite, zinc, uranium, antimony, arsenic, potash, feldspar, fluorospar, gypsum, timber, fish. machinery and transportation equipment, aircraft, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, iron and steel, beverages.

main products: wheat, cereals, sugar beets, potatoes, wine grapes; beef, dairy products; fish.


Paris is known for its famous buildings and works of art, its chic fashion scene and its modern literary, artistic, and intellectual ideals, and is a must for anyone wishing to experience the best of both contemporary and age old European culture. If you have limited time, make sure to go to the area north of the river, the Rive Droite, to see the tree-lined Avenue des Champs Elysees, running west from the Arc de Triomphe. East of the avenue is theMusee du Louvre, the Centre Georges Pompidou and a lively district of museums, shops, markets and restaurants.

Important Animal in France

La Palmyra