My Smore Flyer

To show you how to use smore!

Change your design

When you're in editing mode, off to the right side of your flyer, there is a box that says 'Design'. In that box, there are options of backgrounds, colors, fonts, and theme. Click on any of these options things to change them.
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Add stuff to your flyer

In editing mode, at the very bottom of your flyer, there is a section where there are things that you can add to your flyer. Click on them to add them to your flyer.
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Rearrange your flyer contents

When you hover your mouse over content on your flyer (in editing mode), your mouse will be a four-way arrow. Click on the content and drag, and you can rearrange the order of your flyer.

Save your smore

Smore saves your flyers automatically, but if you want to manually save it just to be safe, click on 'Save Now', just above the design box.
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When you're done. . . .

When you think you are done editing your flyer and are ready to share it, there is another box, above the save box, that says 'Done Editing'. Click on that to preview and share your flyer.
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(But don't worry. . . . )

Even after you've already "published" your flyer, you can still edit it, and re-"publish" it, to share updated information.

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