The story of robbert hoge

Introducing a major disability!

Imagin of you had deformed legs and a deformed face! What would you be like? Sit at home watching television sobbing or would you get up out of your chair and push yourself to the limit.

Who is Robert Hoge?

Robert was born in 1972 in Queensland. Robert is a great outgoing person who can work up a sweat for anything he puts his mind to. He's sadly an unlucky guy who was born with a major disability with deformed legs and face deformity. He wrote a book about his life story and all of the good and bad times of his life.

what we feel

how he makes us feel

We feel that Robert is fun and outgoing .he is also very inspiring to all and we believe that he is amazing person who thinks on the bright side of things. We most defiantly recommend this wonderful book to kids ages 7+. 10/10 star rating.

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