Life on the Goldfields

by C.Chalmers

Different types of mining

  • The first type of Mining is Alluvial. Alluvial mining is where you find gold on the surface (usually panning for it). You can use pans and sometimes a sieve. It is alot cheaper than shaft mining because of how little equipment you need.
  • The second type of mining is shaft mining where you find gold fom underground. This is where you usually find larger nuggets. It is more costly than alluvial mining because you need more of a variety of tools such as buckets, pic axes, shovels and more

Tools Used

Chinese on the Goldfields

People travelled far and wide to get to Australia to mine gold because unlike many other countries you can keep the gold you find if yuo own a permit. The chinese started working in teams and finding heaps of gold in abandoned areas. Many paople were agitated by this and one day while the chinese were working people bashed there homes and camp site. This left the chinese devastated.

Women on the Goldfields

At first it was only men on the goldfields who were soon joined by there family. Womwn were there for washing, cooking and ironing. They made clothes, jam, bread, butter and soap. Many women, children and men died due to sickness and diseases such as whooping cough, measles and many more. Women were also there to peform for the men.

Life on the Goldfields


Food on the goldfields consisted mainly of damper and tea and occasionally some meat. When making the tea the water from the lake has to be boiled to become pure.

Living: People bought tents and blankets because of the poor bedding they have to make. The sheets would be stuffed with leaves and sticks for comfort.

Health: if you got sick or injured there wouldn't be many nurses or doctors so you couldn't rely on anyone to get cured or helped.