7th Grade Party

Includes- Food, music


At the party there will be pizza from pizza palace. They have five styles of pizza, three styles of pasta, breadsticks, salad and one drink per person. The food is eight dollars a person for all you can eat. There is a set up fee of fifty dollars.


At the party there will a DJ from spin city to play music of all kinds. It costs 125 dollars an hour for a minimum of 2 hours. The party will be three hours long. So three-hundred and seventy-five dollars for the music.

Pizza Palace Table

proposed plan: we should use pizza palace because, it is cheaper per person so if there I a lot of people attending you pay only 8$, instead of 9$ or 10$ a person. There is a 50$ set up fee, but no deliver fee, so like I said, the more people there is, the less pizza palace will be then the other companies.

Spin City Table

Proposed Plan: We should use Spin City instead od the other company because if the party will be three hours long Spin City charges 125 dollars an hour, and the opposing company charges 85 dollars an hour and has a 75 dollar set up fee, so if the party is short like ours it will be cheaper, but if the party is long the other company will be the better choice, since the party is short Spin City is the better option.
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