The Reality Behind The Barbed Wires

The Dehuminazation of Japanese-Americans in Internment Camps

The government generalized all Japanese people as the national enemy

In this political cartoon, U.S senator James D. Phelan is being advocated because he will "finish the work" which will supposedly stop the "silent invasion". This propaganda was not only used to suggest this senator as qualified, but also shows that Japanese people are invading the Americans lives, and can no longer live side by side with them.

Propaganda in favor of the internment of the Japanese people brainwashed Americans!

The government attempted to justify the imprisonment of more than a hundred thousand innocent Japanese people. They claimed that people of Japanese ancestry posed as a threat to Americans, and therefore must be interned. The government stripped Japanese people of their indentities, rights and their reputations.

Although the Japanese-Americans were being imprisoned for doing nothing, the government tried to portray them as happy and excited as they left their friends, homes and indentities behind

Belongings that Japanese people did not take to the interment camps were often sold, stolen or destroyed

Japanese-Americans Boats for Sale

Boats thats the Japanese people owned were sold away by Americans without any consent. The Americans showed no remorse for there actions.