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The Academic Edition

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SIG Students with UC Berekely Nueroscientist, Dr. Knight, and Discover Magazine

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Fit for Life Students with Olympic Swimmer Missy Franklin

Another Mind-Blowing Week of Academics

As the second week at SIG comes to a close, and the final week approaches, students have begun to dig deeper into their classes; instructors have challenged students in various ways. The Academic Dean, Lauren, and myself, have personally witnessed many exhilarating and intriguing experiments, engaging discussions, and hands-on activities in many classes. We've watched students in What's Your Point debate on technology's negative and positive effects on today's youth. We've watched students in Thinking Outside and Beyond the Box make clothing only using newspaper. We've also sat in on conversations about the power of the brain and its many parts and watched students examine sheep brain in their hands, and we've listened as students analyzed the deeper meaning of dreams in both Roots of Human Behavior and Brain and Dreaming. We've seen various experiments bring science to life in both Chemistry: The Essential Element and Fun with Newtonian Physics. A few SIG students were also able to meet and talk with a UC Berkeley neuroscientist, Dr. Bob Knight, and they participated in a photo shoot with Dr. Knight for Discover magazine. The Fit for Life class met Olympic Medalist Missy Franklin. Most importantly, we've sat at meals with students and heard them give firsthand accounts as to why SIG classes are so much more interesting, challenging, and interactive than regular school classes. As we finish our second week of classes and begin to enter the last week of classes, students will prepare for their final projects and presentations and accomplish their
student-crafted objectives; we are excited to see how the students meet their individual course goals.
Tony Curtis, Site Director and Lauren Brantley, Academic Dean

Meet the SIG Instructors

SIG Instructor Video

Bioengineering by Pablo Gamito

My favorite class so far is Bioengineering. I like that this class is centered on the hands-on exercises, labs, we do. For example, we’ve tried to prove why water beads are not alive, and we’ve experimented with ways to drop an egg from ten feet high onto concrete without it breaking. We never get bored in this class, since we are always doing things that require us to think outside the box. The teacher always keeps the class fun and engaging. I really find it interesting how she teaches us. She encourages us to think of how we can fix problems instead of just telling us how we can do it. We not only learn how to think on our own, but we remember and understand what we’ve did, since we found "the solution to the problem".

**Pablo Gamito is from France.

Understanding Diffussion in Pharmacology by Balthazar Olivier and Nicholas Jomard

In Pharmacology, we learn about the daily work of pharmacologists. Before large companies created pharmaceuticals, pharmacologists were given a prescription by the doctor and needed to create medicine with the right dosages of chemicals and in certain quantities. To replicate this, we made sugar water solutions and tested the effects on gummy bears. In our experiment, 1 Molar (1 mole/1L) of sugar was used as a basic experiment and variations of it for more information. We had 5 different experimental groups (and one control):

-Cup A: 100mL Water (0 Molars)

-Cup B: 3.42g of sugar per 100mL of water (0.1 Molars)

-Cup C: 34.2g of sugar per 100mL of water (1 Molar)

-Cup D: 68.4g of sugar per 100mL of water (2 Molars)

-Cup E: Syrup (5 Molars)

-Cup F: Nothing (Control)

From the experiment we learned that gummy bears in less concentrated amounts of sugar were huge because the water went from high concentration (the liquid) to low concentration (the gummy bear). The higher the concentration of sugar, the least the gummy bear was affected. This helped us understand how pharmacologists have to know about diffusion to know how to get the chemicals into the patient’s cells and have the effect the chemicals will have.

**Balthazar Olivier is from New York, and Nicholas Jomard is from France.

College Preparation by Diana Abalmasova

I like my College Preparation class because it is very interesting. We have been working on college essays and increasing our vocabulary. We have also had two guest speakers thus far: a graduate from UC Berkeley and a graduate from Columbia. Both presenters gave us great insight into the college admissions process and college experience as a whole. This week we are starting to prepare for our own presentations about two different universities; we must research the academic requirements and other info about prestigious universities we may want to attend. On Friday, we will be taking a tour of the UC Berkeley campus.

**Diana Abalmasova is from Russia.

Save the Date for Parents

**Parents are invited to ALL of the following events:

Sunday, July 27th-Student Talent Show is from 7.30 PM to 9:00 PM at Anna Head. (Residential Students ONLY)

Thursday, July 31th-Academic Showcase is from 7.30 PM to 9:00 PM in Anna Head. (For Residential Students and Commuters in Courses Performing in the Showcase)- Attention all COMMUTER parents: there will be a rehearsal on Thursday, July 31st from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. We will provide dinner for the students performing in the show.

Friday, August 1st-Closing Ceremony is from 4.45 PM to 5:45 PM in the Cunningham APR in Unit 2. Meet at the Unit 2 Towle building where SIG staff will direct you to the Closing Ceremony location. (For Commuter and Residential Students)-This is the last day of SIG for Commuter Students.

Saturday, August 2nd -Departure Day for Residential Students (Pick Up Time 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM).

Need Directons for Anna Head?

Sunday, July 27th, 7:30pm

2537 Haste St

Berkeley, CA

This is the location for Sunday's Student Talent Show and Thursday's Academic Performance Showcase.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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