Wednesday Minis

March 18, 2015


  • Day of Demeter - March 21 (see Panhel Del announcement)
  • Girl Scout Cookie Sale - March 21 12-6pm @ Mann Library and KD House
  • Crush - March 21 9:30pm-12am @ Moonies
  • Appointed Officer Q&A - March 22 12:30 in chapter room (come if interested in applying)
  • Daggermen Initiation - March 22 1pm at the house
  • Get Pie'd to save lives - April 7 11am-3pm (see Relay for Life announcement)
  • Relay for Life - April 10
  • Sisterhood Hibachi - April 11 5pm @ Tokyo
  • Mili's Dance-a-thon - April 25 7-10pm @ Pixel
  • Formal - April 26 9:30-11pm @ Lakewatch
  • Senior Wills! - May 5th @ Llenroc


  • Relay for Life (see announcement):
  • -------- sign up and submit ideas
    -------- decorate Luminaria bags March 22 from 11am-2pm at the house
    -------- sign up to get pie'd for "Pie for Life" event on April 7
  • Post a pic with something green
  • Appointed officer applications due April 22! (see VPO announcement)

VP OPERATIONS - Jen Mandelblatt (jpm367)

Hi Ladies!

1. Here is the link to part of the appointed officer application. In the explanation at the top you will find a link to the descriptions of each position and who currently holds those positions. In addition, please send me a letter of intent about your top choice(s). The letter should not exceed one page but it does not need to fill a page. We are not Goldman Sachs, we are just your sisters interested in learning about why you are applying! Both the google form and letter are due April 22nd at 11:59 p.m. This semester, ALL current appointed officers interested in keeping their positions will have to reapply.

2. Sunday, March 22 at 12:30 is the APO Q & A

3. Remind your parents to RSVP by Friday through the google form and to include you in the count.



VP COMMUNITY SERVICE - Alex McClellan (ahm236)

Girl Scouts Event: Saturday, March 21st

  • What: Invite all your friends
  • When: Saturday, March 21st from 12 PM-6 PM
  • Where: Kappa Delta & Mann Library
  • IF YOU BUY COOKIES: Please please please donate your boxes to our Girl Scout cookie KD letters thing :) We will have a box in the coat room


  • What: What sorority can raise the most money
  • Where: The jugs will be at Terrace from 11-2 PM and at 5-8 PM in RPCC
  • Why: The sorority that raises the most money gets 50% of the funds! The other 50% will go to Push America, Pi Kapp's philanthropy that works to help people with disabilities
  • How you can help: Break your piggy banks and donate to our jug! Also tell your friends! **Remember that this is just out of the goodness of our hearts :)
  • More details: Check out their Facebook event


Relay for Life Chair - Laura Fletcher

Hi everyone!

I realized that the name Relay for Life can be a little confusing, so I wanted to explain just a little more about the event specifics! It's on April 10th from 4pm-4am (the idea being that if cancer doesn't sleep, we shouldn't either) and it's kind of carnival-like! It takes place in Barton, and all of the organizations on campus have fundraisers that line the track. You can hang out and listen to groups perform (a cappella, dance groups, speakers, etc.), play games, and eat. It's really fun if you stay the whole time, but you definitely don't have to! People drop in throughout the night.

1. Keep signing up here! The registration fee goes up to $20 on Friday night, so sign up now while it's only $10!! Yay!!

2. Submit on-site fundraising ideas for us to do at the event here!

3. The Luminaria ceremony at Relay for Life is when we light up the track with white paper bags decorated and dedicated to people who have battled cancer. Next Sunday 3/22 from 11ish to 2ish, I'll be hanging out in the dining room with lots of luminaria bags and things to decorate them with for anyone signed up for Relay!

4. Emma and Stacy are designing Relay shirts! For every sister who buys one, KD will donate $1-$5 to our Relay team. Sign-ups and design will go out in the Sunday announcements this week!

5. APO is running Pie for Life the week before Relay on Ho Plaza! On Tuesday, April 7th, they've asked us to send 1 or 2 KD's for each hour between 11am-3pm for people to pie for donations! So far, we have:

11am-12pm: Laya Mallela

12pm-1pm: Amy Frieder & Jenna Zitomer

1pm-2pm: Kimmi Schonhorst


Sign up at this link!



It’s super important you continue to use the sign-up sheet so we can tell the boys how many girls to plan for.

Also, due to the fact that it is sorority crush season, you all now have time Thursday night to rest up for Lambda and CRUSH!!!

Friday - LAMBDA - 10 pm - rides from KD and Schwartz - HUNTERS & HUNTED

****Thank you to our awesome sober monitor volunteers! If you change your mind about sobering, please find a replacement!

Don’t forget about sober driving also! Leave your name and phone number in the sober column!


See you ALL there!!!!

xoxo socialz