The invasive Burmese Python

Also know as Python bivittatus

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The Native home of the Burmese Python

The native home of the Burmese python was south east Asia but later became an invasive species to southern Florida.

Native eating for a Burmese python

The Burmese Pythons Invasive Map

The Burmese python was brought into Florida through pet owners not wanting to keep the snake and by a hurricane destroying zoos and places that the snakes were kept

Burmese python in Florida

The Burmese python had an established population in Florida in the year of 2000, and has been growing rapidly. The reason for the rapid increase of these snakes is because when a mom gives birth she will give birth to about 50-100 baby snakes. In the year 2008 Florida National Park services reported the removal of 311 Burmese pythons from the everglades.

What can People do about it?

  • One thing scientist have been working on is creating a pathogen to try to remove the snakes, this is very hard because if they dont get it right it could harm other native species.