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Ask Me About...

Here are just a few of the things you can ask your kindergartner about from this past week:

A leprechaun got loose in our classroom this week! He turned things upside down and made a big mess! We read about leprechauns and wrote about the naughty things one of them did in our classroom. We got together with our 6th grade buddies and assembled our own leprechauns and wrote about what we would do if we were leprechauns.

We continued our study of the human body by talking about our the brain and heart. The students were introduced to "Marty", the human body hanging in our classroom whom we are diagramming all of the important systems inside his body. As scientists, we read about the important jobs the brain and heart do and recorded them in our science notebooks. Can your kindergartner explain to you the main jobs of the brain and heart?

During reading, the students completed their first story map independently. I read The Three Little Ducks to them, and they wrote about the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end. This assessment was sent home in the portfolio for you to see. I was so proud of the effort and thought put into their work!

During math, we practiced solving addition number stories and even wrote our own. They will be displayed in the hallway for you to see during conferences. I also administered an addition problem solving task to see how the students could draw pictures and write number sentences independently. I will share these with you at next week's conference.

During library, the class enjoyed looking at and purchasing many great books. Because of your generous donation of coins collected last week, I was able to purchase $100 worth of books for our classroom library! Thank you!

In gym today, Mr. Durie piggybacked on our science unit and helped the class find their heart rates prior to an activity and then after it. I think the students were surprised at how much their hearts were pumping afterwards!

Looking Ahead

Below is what we have coming up next week:

  • The kindergartners will only be in school on Monday and Tuesday of next week due to conferences. The following week, they have school Wednesday through Friday.
  • On Monday, we will visit Kutz's Science Fair. I am thrilled to have so many of the kindergartners in our class participating this year! They will have the opportunity to share their discoveries with our class in the gym.
  • After I meet with your child in a small reading group this upcoming week, I will be sending home a few of the books he/she should be able to read independently. They are books your kindergartner has already read in a small group with me. With the long spring break, I am hopeful that they will find time to curl up and reread these books to you. Please return them in the reading envelope after the break.
  • Even though Mother Nature is not supposed to show us signs of spring on Sunday, our centers will focus around all things spring.
  • We will continue our study of the human body by looking at the respiratory and digestive systems.

Important Dates

  • Friday, March 18th: Deadline for ordering books on using the code H3K2T (I will submit the final order tonight.)
  • Monday, March 21st: Please return all green folders from the portfolios along with its contents. Thank you!
  • Monday, March 21st: Kutz Science Fair
  • Tuesday, March 22nd: Kutz Spirit Night at Chick-Fil-A
  • March 23rd, 24th, and 29th: Spring Conferences (no school for kindergarten)
  • Friday, March 25th and Monday, March 29th: No school

Mark Your Calendars!

Kindergarten is going on a field trip to Merrymead Farm. The trip is scheduled for May 26th for all three kindergarten classes. The trip will run from 9:00am (departure from Kutz) until 1:00pm (return to Kutz).

All parents are invited to attend the field trip. However, seating on the buses will be limited and you will have to provide your own transportation.

Look for permission slips and more detailed information to go home as the trip draws closer.


I am so proud of the students for the work they have completed in their homework letter books! The students are so excited to show me their writing on Friday mornings! As many students have already completed the entire book, I ask that each week you continue to have your child write stories at home. I would love for them to share their published work with the class too. I will send home journals with the students who finished the letter books on Monday.

The goal is to complete all of the letter books by April since they will be assigned a new homework book beginning April 4th. The letter books are yours to keep and look back at the progress your kindergartner made since starting the books in October. Thank you for your continued support!

Pictures of the Week

We Love Our 6th Grade Buddies!