Fish fry Friday

Back by Popular Demand

The Best Fish Dinners in Houston!!!

Precious Jewels ALC

2301 Main Street - call 713-529-4651

We are asking for your support in our fundraising efforts this week. Parents, if your office allows you to take orders from your co-workers we will be happy to deliver. Minimum 5 or more orders or you can come by the school and pick the dinners up for yourself and your co-workers. Just let us know the time and we will have the dinners ready for you.

We set up a pay on line account through

All you have to do is go online and pay in advance. I will be notified of payment and will write up order form.

Don't want a dinner we will gladly accept your donation any amount will be appreciated.

When we all do a little it becomes much! Thanks for your support.

Come to our school!

Fish (2 pieces - Swai)

2 vegetables